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Just incase you haven’t heard, these are a few of the most current fashion trends for the season!

1) Leather-Get it in a motorcycle style jacket, skirt or dress, for a look that is timeless.

2) Animal print-whether its the “eye if tiger” or a fun leopard print,  this can take your look to a whole other level. Try a printed shoe, handbag or headband for starters.

3) Color-Whether its your coat or your accessories are sure to make any outfit pop. Right now variations of blue,  green, purple and winter white are the must haves.

4) Plaid-This one has come a long way from it’s “picnic” association or your farmers look.You will see this trend decked out anywhere from monochromatic matching top to bottom or in a stylish coat.

5) Oversized coat- I liken this style to menswear. It’s big yet tailored in just the right places for that feminine feel.

6) Black turtle neck-Now this is one that has been around for ages,  however not everyone feels they can wear it. For some they don’t like the restrictions felt around the neck and for that I say try to find a mock neck for a looser fit.

7) Over the knee boots-Super sexy especially styled with a short mini skirt or dress. Don’t forget your opaque tights though,  its cold!

8) Oversized bag-always a great statement piece especially in a bold color!

9) Midi skirt-not too short, not too long, just in the middle!

10) Textured sweater-this can be a chunky cable knit or wool sweater.  Pair it back with a button down blouse for the office or a long sleeve tee for casual.

Good Luck!