Baby Tresses?


If your thinking “What in the world they have wigs for babies?”, well then your right. I may be a little late on this one, but it has been in the back of mind since I saw it featured on the Today show over a month ago (It also appeared on the Tyra Banks Show). Baby Bangs is the name of the product and it was inspired by a grandmother and hair replacement artist, Lisa Griggs-Campbell in 2009.  Griggs-Campbell, along with the help of her daughter and granddaughter, produced the product in just under two years.

Baby Bangs come in 5 different band designs and 6 hair colors. You can choose “London Flower,” “Fairy Tale Flowers,” “Germanium Vivace,” “Daisy in the Sky,” or “Dahlia Drop,” which is pictured above. The are intended for babies that have little to no hair at $29.90 a piece for ages 0-9 months. The “hair” attached to the band is made of a microfiber called kanekalon, which is suppose to be the finest and most natural fiber around. Their motto, “For the girl that has everything, except hair.”

Okay now that you have had a good laugh what do you think? Would you buy it for your child? Personally, I have never used this product nor will ever use it on my daughter. I do believe in testing out a product before giving a review, however, that will not be the case today. I find this product absolutely ridiculous! A toupee for a infants…come on now! I know as a mother how frustrating it can be to try and style your child’s hair and all you have to work with are sprouts. All the while thinking when will this hair grow in??? I can sympathize especially when you have a little girl because when your younger your often taught beauty is in your hair. However, all hair grows in its own time and your child will look no less beautiful with or without it.

After exploring the website I found that if you have a return/exchange the product, you must do so within 5 days of receiving it. 5 days? What if I suddenly have to be out of town or maybe my package is sent to the wrong house upon arrival? According to the website they are not responsible for any shipping mishaps. They suggest you get tracking on your package and to include your credit card information so they can bill you for the shipping exchange.  Yea, nope, I’m really not interested.


Now, if you don’t want a “full weave,” but want to enhance your child’s hair you can try Bebe Doos. For whatever reason I am less offended when I see these. I think they are actually kind of cute! Cute as they are, I still won’t be using these on my child. These “perfect ponies” as they are called will run you $20 and come in 5 different hair colors and 10 different ribbon choices. The creator, Melanie Cruz is a stay at home mother and started them in 2010 for her niece. She admits that Bebe Doos are silly, but they  “add a unique, fun accessory to every little princess’ wardrobe.”

Since being out, they are now a hit on Etsy. I am guessing because they are less creepy looking then the idea of a an actual wig on an infant? It also isn’t bad when you can get a little notoriety from celebrity baby Jordyn Grace Duggar of “19 Kids & Counting.” Ain’t that something? Oh and when it comes to returns and exchanges, they only ask that you contact them 7 days before you send the product back and they do not charge you any additional shipping when sending it back to you. Now that sounds better.

At the end of the day, whatever you decide to put in your child’s hair is your business. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good hair weave and will wear one myself. I also admire organizations like Locks of Love that give hope to medically ill treated children who have lost their hair to such as cancer. I just don’t agree with them for infants.  I find that we as people often seem to flock to what we consider the next “big thing.” However, when doing so, let us be ever so cautious of the message we are trying to send. Just because something is created doesn’t mean it should be bought.

Good day! 🙂;;