I'm A Pear!

Yes, your reading it right…I’m a “Pear.” Over the years our bodies have been categorized as either being an Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle or an Inverted Triangle shape. While styling my own clients, I have learned to work with all types of body shapes and sizes. I have learned what works and what doesn’t. Today we are going to learn what your shape is along with a few helpful suggestions to help bring out your best features!
Apple Shape-You tend to be fuller through the middle and bottom with thicker hips and thighs. To help compliment your look, A-line skirts are more flattering to wear and they tend to draw attention away from your bottom half. Stay away from silk like fabrications that tend to cling to you and show the ‘nooks and crannies” as I like to call them! Stick with tops that have more structure and wear v-necks for a sexier look!
Which celebrities have your look? Ex. Octavia Spencer, Adelle and Oprah Winfrey
Pear Shape-You tend to be smaller through the top and bigger on bottom. A-line skirts and a wider cut pants are your  best go to looks. Try to wear jackets that come a little past the hips for an even look. In addition, tops that have a pattern print or add volume like a ruffled blouse also look great on you.
Which celebrities have your look? Ex. Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keyes, and Rihanna
Hourglass Shape-Your top and bottom are proportioned with a small waistline.  Avoid wearing tops that sit high on the neck like crew neck tee or sweater that will make you look heavier at your chest. Instead, try a wrap top or a v-neck for a more sophisticated look. As for the bottom, choose pants with a flat front and no flap pockets in the back.
Which celebrities have your look? Ex. Beyonce, Sophia Vergara, and Charlene Hendricks
Rectangle Shape (also known as being “boyish” or “boxy” in shape)– You tend to have more of a straight up and down appearance. To create an illusion of curves, look for tops that have ruffles or layers to help flatter your chest. For your bottom, try a flared or wide cut pant and skirts that hit at the knee or below. Jackets that hit at the waist also look amazing on you!
Which celebrities have your look? Ex. Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham
Inverted Triangle (also known as being a “strawberry”)-You tend to be smaller in the hips with broader shoulders. Try fuller skirts that also show off your sexy legs or a wide cut pants. Darker colors should be worn on top while lighter colors on bottom.
Which celebrities have your look? Ex. Jennifer Gardner, Naomi Campbell and Audrina Patridge
Remember, nothing lasts forever. Your shape today will not be the shape you have 10 years from now. This is called Life and it is inevitable. No one is immune, not even your favorite celebrity. No matter which direction your body may go, know that you are special and someone loves you throughout all of what you consider your imperfections.

Be Blessed!

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