Gwen Stefani


*Birth Name: Gwen Renee Stefani

* Born in Fullerton, CA Oct. 3rd 1969 of Italian, Irish, Scottish, Norwegian, German and English descent

*She is a singer, song writer, record producer, actress and guitarist

*Notably known for the musical group No Doubt, which started in 1986-present

-band is classified as a ska music (Jamaican, Calypso, American Jazz and Rhythm and Blues inspired)

*In 1992 band released their first self titled album, but their sound was not initially received

*In 1995 the group began to get notoriety with their song titled, “Just A Girl”

*In 2002 married Gavin Rossdale, front man of British band Bush

*In 2003 came out with her clothing line called L.A.M.B; which stands for Love.Angel.Music.Baby

*In 2004 her first solo album debut titled L.A.M.B.

-In 2005 she expanded w/Harajuku Lover’s line, which was Japanese, Jamaican, Indian and Guatemalan inspired

*Her line also includes shoes, watches, bags and a fragrance called “L.”

*On 2012, she reunited with her band after a decade

*She has sold over 40 million worldwide (solo and group combined)

*Does charitable work for UNICEF, Save the Children and is an honorary board member of the EB Medical Research Foundation

**Fun Facts:

*Is a natural brunette and has been dying her hair since the 9th grade.

*Her older brother Eric, who helped formed the group; was her band’s original keyboardist and left to do animation for The Simpsons

*Madonna is her distant cousin;

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