The Road To Fashion

So if you read my header, you may be wondering what does she mean that “fashion isn’t ‘Fashion’ until you can inspire others?” Well let me break it down. When you hear the word “fashion” what comes to mind? For some, they may think of the latest issue of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazine, their favorite fashion designer, celebrity or maybe themselves and what they lack thereof.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, fashion is:
“the make or form of anything; the style, shape, appearance or mode of structure. A method of conduct; manner; or way.”

 I believe anyone can throw on clothes and get a “nice” compliment. However, no girl wants to hear their man say, “you look nice.” We want to hear those extra special words like, “you look amazing” or my favorite, “wow.” Everyone wants to experience that “wow” factor and you can when you incorporate the right pieces. It’s about knowing how to shop and what to look for. It’s also about keeping an open mind. Think about it this way, what makes your outfit greater than the next person? Is that person inspired by your sense of style when they see you?

While at Nordstrom, I constantly had to push some of my clients out of their comfort zone. They would often come in with pants at least one size too big and an unflattering top to match. For some, they would see this customer as a challange and didn’t want to waste their time for a “just looking” response.

However, for me, I knew I was about to change someone’s life by giving them a new way of seeing themselves. When your styled right and by the best, you not only look amazing, but you feel amazing too. The best part of my job was hearing my clients say, “I never would have picked this out on my own.” They walked away with more confidence and I ended up establishing a relationship. 

When I think about fashion, I think about how I am going to leave my mark on the world.  I think about designing my own clothing line and starting my own boutique, which has always been one of my dreams since I was a young girl. Fashion is apart of my everyday life. It is my passion. What is yours? It may not be the same as mine, but I do hope after reading this I have piqued your interests and maybe you too are looking to be inspired!