Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Today I thought it would be fun to have a good friend of mine share a little styling inspiration. She is no stranger to the fashion scene and owns one of many titles. She is a fellow fashion blogger, stylist, boutique owner, songstress, writer, mother and soon to be wife…just to name a few! “Bringing glamour to your everyday life” as she puts it, meet Sharice Styles.

I’m happy to say that my birthday was this past week. I felt so blessed to be seeing another year. For some reason, like magic, I finally felt like a grown woman this year. At 34 I’ve lived long enough to have created great memories to look back on. However, I’m still young enough to have many things left on my bucket list. It’s truly a great place to be.

This year I had a birthday wish I wanted to share. I would love for every person reading this to learn how to “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.” It’s something I try to remember everyday. Can you imagine what that feels like? The power and the strength you would possess to stand confident in your own skin? Knowing you look great every time you step out your door.

I think to be your own kind of Beautiful you just have to except your personal style and learn how to express it so that others can grow to love it. Learn to listen to your inner stylist. When you’re out shopping allow yourself to be drawn to the things that attract you. Try them on and ask yourself “how do I feel”? If the answer is I feel great than you’ve struck gold…fashion gold that is. If the answer is no then you’ll know it’s not for you and you’ll  find something else.  

The best part of fashion is expressing yourself.  So as long as you’re confidently doing that then you’re “Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”, and what more can we ask for.


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