Emilio Pucci


Birth Name: Emilio Marchese di Barsento Pucci

Born: November 20, 1914- November 29, 1992 in Naples,  Italy

*Growing up, he came from a wealthy lineage

*In 1932 attended the Winter Olympics apart of the Italian skiing team.

*Graduated from the University of Florence with a doctorate in Political Science in 1937

*In 1947 Pucci got the attention by Harper’s Bazaar photographer, Toni Feissell, when seen in one of his designer ski outfits

*1948 created his ski wear collection

*Created the “capri” style pant for a friend, which was incorporated in his line

*1950 opened the Emilio Boutique in the Canzone del Mar beach area after leaving the military as a pilot during WWII

* By 1951, friend Steven Marcus (Neiman Marcus owner) suggest for Pucci to open and womens’ clothing line
– Became best known for a wrinkle free silk jersey dress

*1964 created the fragrance Vivara after it was suggested by Coco Chanel

*Designed uniforms for the Brantiff Flight Attendants in 1965

*Menswear created in 1970

*Ended his time apart of the Italian Parliament from 1963-1972

*In 1992 Pucci dies and his daughter Laudomia takes over company till 2001

*Today Peter Dundas is the creative director for Emilio Pucci line

Fun Fact:

*Also known as the “Prince of Prints”

*Pucci’s Brantiff outfits were also sported by Barbie

*Laudomia choose the Vivara fragrance, which was one of three choices when she was only 3 years old

*Pucci designed the patch for the astronauts suits of the Apollo 15 mission

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