Fashion Pet Peeves


Over the years I have seen a lot women make fashion statements. Some have been good and some not so good. I decided to put together a list of fashion “mishaps” if you will, as a guide to help you make the right decision when looking your best this new year. So here we go!

Tapping Shoes– If you hear “clickity clack” when your walking down the hall… don’t look around, it’s you! Many major retail stores that sell shoes can replace your shoe tap at no charge if you ask. So get your heel tap replaced and leave the tapping to those on Broadway!

Gaping Back– If your shoe has a noticeable gap where your heel meets it, then use a heel liner, you know those oddly shaped cushion things that look like a boomerang, they keep your ankles from blistering as well help your shoe fit snugger. There’s nothing worse then a woman walking out of her shoes…literally!

Make Up– Less is more! If you don’t look like yourself once your makeup is complete then there is a problem. Your make up should enhance your beauty and not make people wonder who you are!

Tight vs. Fitted– Tight doesn’t always mean it’s right! Remember, fitted clothes hug the body and tight clothes suffocate. You shouldn’t feel discomfort when wearing your favorite pair of jeans, furthermore if your seeing rolls anywhere, it’s a no no.

Panty Lines– If you can see it, then it’s a problem. It just brings the wrong attention. Wear a thong or change your outfit, whatever you do, just don’t go commando (that’s a whole other topic)!

Bra’s– Unless you are a AAA, you should be wearing one. Taking it even further, make sure you are in the right size…no one likes droopy boobs (Read my blog on “The Perfect Fit”).

Hair– Your hair color and style can say a lot about you. First impressions are everything so if you’re headed to your first professional interview…you may want to rethink that neon purple hair color!

Finger Nails and Toes– It’s not an option! If you dare to wear open toe shoes, make sure your toe nails are done. Chipped finger nail polish isn’t cool either…unless your going for that grunge look. Just filing your nails and adding a little clear polish works and goes along way. Also, make it a habit to do your finger nails and toes at the same time, that way you won’t forget the other later.

Fragrance– Don’t overdue it! Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone does. Pay attention to the signs of those interacting with you. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Posture– That balancing book thing works. Whether your walking into a room or sitting in a chair, your posture is important and you can cause yourself unnecessary back problems if it’s not right. Plus, bad posture just makes you look sloppy.

Small Bag Syndrome – Stuffing your life in a itty bitty bag? Don’t just get a bigger bag… get organized! Empty those receipts every day and carry a smaller pouch inside for your most important stuff. Trust me it works!

Shapewear– If the occasion warrants it, wear it! They smooth out the “nooks and crannies. ”

Know Your Designers-If you finally found that “perfect fit,” keep up with the name brand and save yourself from unnecessary stress (sales associate included)!

Workout Bra-Invest in one! Wearing a regular old bra won’t help keep the “girls” in place!

Trends-If your not sure how to wear it them then don’t. Ask a professional in the fashion business on how to.

Jewelry– Don’t overdue it! Too many rings on on one hand or gold chains around the neck at one time looks like clutter. Stick with 1-2 pieces at a time.

80’s Style or “Mom” Jeans – Pleaassse get an update! There it’s nothing cute about them.

Boot TuckingDO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tuck in any style of pant leg in your boots unless it is a skinny! Anything else just looks sloppy!

Remember, “fashion isn’t ‘Fashion’ until you can inspire others.” Have you inspired anyone lately???