Fat Flush Diet



My latest health kick, the “Fat Flush Diet” by Kim Lyons (from the Biggest Loser). Some who know me may be saying, “what do you need that for?” Well just as the title indicates,  I’m looking to shed some lbs. Particularly, my leftovers from having my daughter almost two years ago! I came across this lovely recipe while on the FB page of a friend. I took the recipe for what is was and decided to dive in and try it head first.

The pros about this drink was that the ingredients are simple and easy to find at any grocery store, the cons…it calls for cucumbers and I strongly dislike cucumbers! I thought about leaving them out, but I didn’t know how effective the drink would be. 

Here is the recipe I saw:
1/2 gallon water
6 wedges grapefruit
1 tangerine sliced
1/2 cucumbers sliced
2 peppermint or mint leaves
Directions: Blend everything using a blender and let sit for 2 hours for maximum results and drink throughout the day.

My problem lies here. After blending all the ingredients There was a 3 inch layer of froth at the top that tasted all cucumber and there was a settling mixture that sat at the bottom of the pitcher that thicken each day. I ended up adding 2 tsp. of honey, 1 tsp. of lemon juice to each cup and warmed it up like tea to make it bareable. I did this for a week not knowing for how long before I would see results.

Now fast forward to today, I discover Kim’s original recipe:
1 pitcher
1 grapefruit sliced
1 tangerine sliced
1/2 a cucumber sliced
Mint leaves (as much as you like)
Directions: Put all ingredients in a pitcher of water and let sit for a while and then drink an 8 oz glass before every meal, 3 times a day for 10 days!

Now essentially all the ingredients are the same, its just the execution. Trust me, blending the ingredients together in a blender as oppose to letting them sit in water is a BIG difference! I also found that some people misinterpreted the drink as a replacement for food! It’s funny how things get changed up and added to on the internet. Now according to Kim, there are some substitutes like lemon instead of grapefruit or oranges instead of tangerine. She also suggests adding tropical flavored tea bags to the mix for an even better taste. Either way, I don’t know if it’s the drink alone or the added fact that I have cut out many foods from diet the last two weeks, but I definitely see and feel different. However, I think I will try this again…this time blender free! 🙂

www.Kimlyons.com; youtube

Note to self: Always do your research first. Not sometime, but all the time!