Alexander McQueen


*Birth Name: Lee Alexander McQueen

*Born March 17, 1969-February 11, 2010 in London,  United Kingdom

*Left school at the age of 16 years old to work at made-to-order mens suit shop called Anderson & Sheppard

*Later got a job working with theatrical custume designers Angels & Bermans where he got inspiration for his future design work

*Enrolled at Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design School and received a M.A. in fashion design in 1992

*Created his first collection inspired by “Jack the Ripper”
-London stylist and magazine editor, Isabella Blow bought his entire collection

*In 1996 becomes Chief Designer of Louis Vuitton owned by Givenchy
– Left in 2001 feeling like the company “constrained his creativity.”

*2000 Gucci bought 51 percent and provided capital for McQueen’s women’s line

*Opened stores in New York,  Milan,  London,  Las Vegas and Los Angeles

*In 2007 his good friend Isabella Blow commits suicide and McQueen dedicated his 2008 Spring/Summer line to her
– felt her death was the most “valuable” lesson in fashion he had learned

*McQueen’s mother dies in 2010 and he commits suicide the day before her funeral

Sarah Barton, longtime co-designer is the creative designer for the brand

Fun Facts:
*Kate Moss was a bridesmaid in his wedding.

*Also known for creating the 10 inch “Alien” high heel shoe
– it was so uncomfortable that several models turned down the opportunity to walk in his runway show wearing them.

* Won British Designer of the Year four times (3 with Louis Vuitton-Givenchy and 1 for his own line).