Trending: Lace Shorts

Lace shorts have been trending each spring/summer for the last couple of years now and continue to be seen. I have noticed them on many well known fashion bloggers,  socialites and on the very young and impressionable. The style is […]

Royal Blue

Oh my, how did I forget to post this one from Easter? I guess because that weekend was so great and long! There’s nothing more wonderful then spending time with your family, listening to a great word at church about […]


Truth be told I probably should have tucked this blouse in or belted it because it almost looks maternity like. Lol. I usually wear it out with a pair of black wide leg trousers and pumps anyway, but I guess […]

Color Me Bad

Up until recently my Autumn/Winter wardrobe consisted of mostly dark colors. More like black, black and more black! Lol. Now that the temperatures are a little warmer, I can’t wait to start wearing more vibrant colors in full effect! Starting […]