Narciso Rodriguez (heart) Bottletop Collection


Ever wanted to do something that was innovative and could help impact the world for the greater? Well, that’s what Carmen Saul and Oliver Wayman the founders of Bottletop have done and everyone is buzzing about it! The British accessories company have been making soda tab incorporated handbags since 2002. Profits from each sale help support health and education on teen drug abuse, pregnancy and HIV/AIDS in parts of Africa,  Brazil and United Kingdom. The designers make it a point to use environmentally friendly resources such as recycled soda can tabs and soft eco friendly leather from Brazil. Though using recycled pieces to create an art form have been done before, no one has had the partnership of two major known names like PepsiCo and Narciso Rodriguez.


Rodriguez joined forces with Bottletop after one of  his favorite clients and friend,  Jessica Alba introduced him to their cause. Within in 18 months, Rodriguez and Pepsico had two designs,  the “Jessica” clutch ($990), named after you know who and the “Candice” ($2,079) named after the face of their company,  Candice Swanepoel. The two styles only come in two colors,  blush and black and are apart of the Spring/Summer 2014 Narciso Rodriguez Collection for a limited time.  If your interested in owning one, they can be found at a select locations such as the famous London based store,  Herrods; Holt Renfrew in Toronto; Mares in Sao Paulo; Jeffery in NY and of course at

I love when designers can not only lend their money to a cause, but a piece of themselves too. Narciso Rodriguez‘s designs are an art form in itself and the joining forces of Bottletop was genius. Jessica Alba gets much kudos for the thought and also for own efforts in eco friendly living. With so much pollution in the world it’s important that we each try and do our part to not only preserve where we live, but practice healthier living day to day. One thing I have learned is that you don’t have to be famous to make a difference. A couple of things I love to recycle and save money doing at the same time are gift bags and sandwich bags 🙂 . Every little bit helps! What do you do?

Other designs from Bottletop include:


Kibe Enamel Yellow Unisex Belt $125


Morela Burgundy Tote $657 (currently sold out)


Jesse Black/Silver Crossbody $491 courtesy of designer