Trending: High Waisted Bikini

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Kate Upton looks flawless on the cover of Vogue’s latest issue sporting her high waisted 2 piece bikini. It is only one of the the reoccurring trends that many celebrities have been seen wearing for the this season. I think it looks great on the voluptuous and full figured woman showing just enough skin to look sexy and cool. Not to mention, it can hide a few flaws like extra belly fat and stretch marks!
Although a popular trend, not every woman or every man likes them. The retro look has been said to be too “unattractive” and appear like “granny panies” because of their fuller cut 1960’s style. I agree they are nothing like your “french bikini cut” or thong, but getting the right color and fun print can make it just as appealing. I would rock it, what about you?