H&M and Her Sisters

Up until a few weeks ago, I knew very little about H&M. I thought they were a London brand based on how their sizes ran and that they were for your 20-35 year old who wanted to look good without spending a lot of money. I actually have enjoyed shopping at H&M throughout the years when I have gone and fortunate to have found some really great buys.  However, now that I have learned more about H&M and its sister stores, I can’t help, but get even more excited about the the growing brand!
H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz. The company started in Västerás Sweden in 1947 when Erling Perrson took a trip to America and had an idea to offer “fashionable clothing at a attractive price.” He came up with a women’s store called Hennes, which means “for her” and/or “her.” In 1968, Perrson buys hunting and fishing supply store Maurtz Widforss and adds on a menswear line. The company would then change its name to Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M.
Today, the H&M group has expanded into a brand creating something for everyone. This includes 6 independent brands: H&M, Cheap Monday, &Other Stories, COS (Collection Of Style) and Monki. Up until recently only one of the brands (H&M) has been available in the US. &Other Stories and COS will be making its debut by the end of this year. Another little tied bit, the company doesn’t own any factories, but instead works with 900 independent suppliers mainly in Europe and Asia.
Here’s a look at what each brand has to offer:
Most of us are familiar with store which is about high fashion at an inexpensive price. They have locations in 53 countries with nearly 3,000 stores.
Cheap Monday
Considered “street fashion” with a “catwalk” vibe. Available in select retailers around the world and in 18 European cities.
&Other Stories
All about personal expression and style to help you create your “story.” Also, has a special emphasis in a variety of shoes, handbags and jewelry. Available in 7 countries with online sales in 10 markets.
Considered modern contemporary in style with high end designs. Available in 20 countries, with 18 of them European. Also, on its way to the US this fall!
Considered fast forward in urban design with a focus in jeans. Available in 7 stores with online sales in 18 different markets.
Considered colorful street wear with an emphasis on graphics. Geared toward young women. Available in 12 markets with online sales fromm18 European countries.
My favorites? &Other Stories, Monk I and the original, H&M of course! 🙂 What about you?
Photos courtesy of brands/www.wikipedia.com/InStyle.com/www.about.hm.com