Poshmark-My New Muse

A couple of weeks ago my husband asked me to take a break from the blogging and try and do something else for a week.  Little did he know, I would receive a link from a FB friend that would unleash a new time consuming obsession!  If your not familiar with Poshmark, I like to think of it like a secret society of women sharing and selling their clothes online. Literally, you can look into closets and shop gently used or brand new clothing at a discounted rate of nearly 70-80% savings!
The first day I became a member I couldn’t believe how many things I fell in love with while shopping other closets.  I went to my first “posh party” before even realizing what it was about! Once I started attending them, I quickly learned that there are “poshers” on different levels.
You have those with closets filled with nothing, but high end designer and couture labels. Then you have those that have a mix of well known designers and non. Lastly, there are some closets that have no well known designers in them, but have styles that people want.
However within the different levels of “poshers,” you will find there are those who do not necessarily go by the Poshmark rules:
“Pre-owned items can be listed on Poshmark if they are clean and in good condition. We do not condone the buying or selling of perfume, nail polish, aerosol products, electronics, books, home goods, children’s items, men’s clothing, used makeup, used swimsuits, all types of undergarments, and any health and wellness products. All items must be clearly and accurately represented.
Poshmark does not allow the sale of replicas or fakes…”
If we feel that your listing violates these guidelines in any way, we reserve the right to remove it and may take other actions, including restricting your future buying and selling privileges on Poshmark.”
So in a nutshell, you shouldn’t sell anything outside of women’s clothes and accessories on the site.
I actually was looking at one women’s closet when I saw her previous comments venting to another “posher” about someone “snitching” on her because she had sold some children’s clothes. It was funny because the “posher” starts chiming in about how she hopes she catches the snitch. Lol. I have also found that,  for many “poshers,” it’s more than just selling clothes. Some share that they need money for everyday living, paying bills and even for the support of cancer stricken loved ones. Poshmark is a network of women working together, praying together and shopping together! I’m so glad to have connected with a few women who have welcomed me with open arms.
Check out my closet when you get a chance and don’t worry, you don’t have to post to shop! However if you do decide to “share your closet,” it is very addictive! I think I am going to have to take another break…just for a little bit! 😉
Photos from Poshmark