Nerium Review

So about two weeks ago I decided to try this product called Nerium AD. It is actually suppose to be an “age defying cream” that works to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and other skin issues like discoloration, enlarged pores and fine lines. I wanted to try it to lessen the appearance of blemishes on my face and stretch marks on my hips from pregnancy.  I ordered my five day sample, which featured 5 small square packets attached to an information booklet.
The cream itself in thick and yellow in color with a not too overly baring smell. You actually can’t even smell the cream after a couple of minutes of it being on. Before you begin use you want to make sure your skin is clean and also a damp so the cream absorbs into your skin. The first night I forgot and patted myself completely dry and found the cream to be a little thick to spread and looking a little dry. I could feel the cream setting in and my face get just a little tight like a mask.
The next morning I washed my skin off as the directions stated and was very surprised at how smooth and moisturized my skin felt. The second night I left a little water on my skin before applying the cream, which went on much smoother. It still made my skin a little ashy, but I had the night cream sample so I wasn’t concerned.
The third day I actually forgot to put lotion on my face and I was amazed! By the end of my trial I could definitely tell something was taking place in my skin because it just seemed to look a little different. Now, I didn’t expect to see any miracles  happening over night and neither should you after finishing the trial, the rep will tell you at. Any major differences will be seen over the course of a month, in which a money back guaranteed is offered if your unhappy with your purchase within the 30 days. The cream does have a day version and the only difference is the night version has a higher concentration of an extract, NAE-8 used to help in the anti aging process and is not watered based as the day.
I am not a rep for the NeriumAD nor am I telling you must go out and buy it. Everyone’s skin is different and like any product, results may vary. My before and after can be seen above, however they were taken with two different cameras so the lighting is different. I still have my birth mark across my eye as well indentations from eye glasses.
As always, I suggest you read the reviews and find out information on your own before, buying any product. Overall, I do like this product for just how moisturized it made my skin. I definitely would be interested in seeing the long term affects of this cream. If your interested in trying out a sample or need more information, you can contact Laura Ferrera at She is a great communicator and is very informative. Later guys and thanks, Laura!