The Osbourne's Take on MAC!

Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Visit Selfridges London For Upcoming M.A.C Collaboration
Alright so I’m a little late on this one however, the best thing about having your own blog is that you can write about anything at anytime! Lol. Ok getting down to business, did you know that both Kelly and Sharon Osbourne have their own line of MAC cosmetics? This includes lipstick, eye shadow, bronzer, eye liner and blush. The line made its debut online June 2 and hit stores, June 12th. Both beauty lines capture the attitude and sex appeal of both women of two different genres.
I loooove Kelly’s line. I have aways found Kelly fascinating and have grown to love her over the years. I especially love her fashion sense and her “I don’t care” attitude, which can’t be denied since coloring her hair purple nearly 2 years ago! She even as a lipstick that matches called, “Dodgy Girl.” Other fun names include “Strip Poker,” “Kelly Yum Yum,” and ” Riot House”. Her line is all about boldness and freshness, using pastel colors.
Now, Mrs. Osbourne is all about a more sophisticated, mature and classy look. Her line features more earthy hues and warm red colors, which are perfect for any everyday working woman. The lines of course, is only available for a limited time and the prices are fairly reasonable running $16.50-$44. Hurry though, MAC has already sold out of Kelly’s “Bloody Brilliant” set four eye shadow and all four lipstick shades! Be sure to check out top retailers like Nordstrom, who do carry the line as a back up. Good luck & Happy Shopping Everyone!!! 🙂
Getty Images/Twitter/MAC