Olivia Pope Style Comes to The Limited

Hey “Gladiators” how do you feel about getting the famous Olivia Pope looks at just a fraction of the price? The Limited has partnered with star of the show Kerry Washington and the shows costume designer, Lyn Paolo to bring together a look that every powerful working woman can appreciate. As Paolo had stated, “the collection tells a story of confidence as well as maintains a strong and feminine point of view.” Of course, I think we all hope this means we will be seeing a lot of her most famous looks like the classic wide leg pant, exaggerated collar coat and nicely tailored suit.
I  personally can’t wait for the line to hit. I have never really shopped at The Limited even when I worked there briefly in high school. However, I definitely will be checking out the looks that are suppose to include 42 pieces of tops, pants, jackets and outerwear starting at $49. I’m sure the line will be a hit, especially since it is set to debut in September, around the same time the fourth season of Scandal begins!
What do you think… will this new line be a hit or a miss?
Gettysburg Image/ABC Image