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I don’t know if you have noticed, but women more than ever are trying to obtain an “hour glass” figure with the help a familiar garment that originated in the 1600’s called a corset. Simply put, women are wearing corsets for long periods in a day and even sleeping in them to “train” their waist to become smaller than before.  The question is how far is to far and can this cause potential damage to your body in the process?

Several celebrities have admitted to waist training and have displayed it for the world to see via social media such as Khloe Kardashian. Last month she posted a picture wearing her corset and thanked big sister Kim’s good friend, Blac Chyna for introducing and getting her hooked on the new trend.


As you can tell in the picture below, Blac Chyna has a barely there waist making her chest and bottom half stick out more. When I see this picture (like many), I’m wondering why someone would allow their stomach to get that tiny and is there an addiction to the method?


Last year a doctor by the name of Sara Gottfried was on ABC News and addressed the use of wearing corsets 24 hours a day. “Namely, it will be squeezing your ribs so much that you can’t take a deep breath. Corsets can squish your lungs by 30 to 60 percent, making you breathe like a scared rabbit. They can also put a kink in your organs and cause constipation.”

Cathie Jung holds the Guinness Book of World Records for having the smallest waist in the world at 15 inches! Jung has worn a tight laced corset everyday (except when she showers) for over 25 years. She has admitted that her stomach is now pushed down and other organs like her kidneys up. Her husband who is a orthopedic doctor and performs x-rays on her regularly, claims that she is perfectly healthy and outside of occasionally not being able to sit in really low chairs, she if fine.


Okay, now its time for my personal synopsis! I don’t have problem with the use of corsets…as long as is not going deform the outside appearance of your natural shape or cause health problems. I wore a slip on corset style after I had my daughter to help my stomach return to its shape, but it was nowhere near as uncomfortable as the other ones pictured and have known to be. I also didn’t where it every minute of everyday (which may be the reason why it took me a while to lose that tummy)! Although I do believe it can help with back problems and posture, I don’t think almost having the waist the size of CD is attractive or healthy by any means.

If you do choose to waist train, please do so with care. Like with anything your trying out for the first time, do your research. There are videos and instructors that can show you how to properly waist train. With that being said, there is no other way of naturally getting getting a smaller waist than through good diet and exercise.

Those of you who do waist train or know someone who does, what are your thoughts?

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