A Trendy Momma

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a fabulous fellow blogger and stylist that I know named Sovanny Vu aka “Mode Madison.” Shortly after I stumbled upon her on Instagram,  I became intrigued with her street fashion and sense of style. I also learned she had begun blogging not long before and challenged herself to not go clothes shopping for a year, but instead reinvent her looks solely from what she already owned in her closet. Talk about dedication and will power!

Sovanny lives in  Australia with her husband (who is also her awesome photographer) and adorable 2 1/2 year old daughter. Just recently, she left a career of 7 years working in HR to take her love of fashion to the next level by starting her own personal styling business and online vintage shop. Now that she is expecting her second child, she is sharing some helpful tips of styling while being pregnant. As many of us mothers know, styling a growing belly can have its challenges, however having a few key pieces can make a world of difference! 🙂


“Earlier this year my little family went in a holiday and when we returned I was pregnant.  It wasn’t planned but like most things,  you can hardly plan a pregnancy. Feeling blessed, we have watched my belly go from flat to a beach ball. If I recall right, it was 6 months before I started to show in my first pregnancy.  With this pregnancy I was in maternity pants by 3 months and asked if I was having twins at 4 months.  I just laughed because I know I’m showing a little earlier.


Day to day now there’s the challenge of what I’m going to wear. I should be familiar with this, but I’m not. As most mothers will tell you, your sense of style changes incredibly once you step into motherhood. Mostly it’s going from fitted to loose clothing.  So for me it changed and it’s changing again. For the first 3 months I was so fatigue and couldn’t be bothered getting out of my pajamas but now, at 25 weeks, I feel great. Tired at times but overall it’s been business as usual.


With Winter in Australia,  it’s been cold in Melbourne with so I’ve adopted my usual layering techniques and have fallen in love with the likes of joggers and leggings. I also opt for comfortable footwear so you’ll see me walking around in either boots, ballet flats or my high-tops. If I can get away with it, a larger size is preferred rather than maternity wear because I’d like to know I could wear it post pregnancy. I know all this doesn’t sound so stylish but working from home means casual attire works.


Some light makeup also helps me to lift up my mood and I still love to blog about style. In addition to all my collaborative pieces, of late, there’s also my “Bumptastic” edition (found on blog), which tends to feature my little one who like her momma loves to dress up. Overall, looking a feeling good hasn’t gone without effort. It’s little things like getting out of what I went to sleep in and taking the time to have nutritious meals that has gone a long way in making me feel beautiful and bumptastic.”

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny xx


If you want to find out more about Mode Madison and are interested in her amazing vintage collection, please visit  http://www.modemadison.com and her blog can be found at www.modemadison.wordpress.com 🙂


Photos courtesy of Sovanny Vu