The Process-Getting Organized

When it comes to closet organization, everyone’s closet is always different from the last. This particular closet that I had the pleasure of working with in the Spring took some time, but it was worth it and a lot of fun! After 4 hours  we collected 4 bags of clothes and a bag  full of hangers to dispose of,  (this was on top of the 5 bags she had done on her own prior to my arrival)!

imageMy client had three different closets in which she kept her clothes and one of them was in another bedroom. Like with any organization, I like to walk my clients through their closets showing them what things work and what things don’t and begin to purge (Don’t worry, I’m always willing to compromise, be it that you have really good reasoning). 🙂 Next, we do classification. This is most helpful when your searching for sweaters or collar shirts because they will all have their perspective locations making it easier for you to find at any given time.

Depending on how big your closet is will determine if you will be able to keep all your clothes out or have them stored and rotated. With this particular client, she had enough closet space between the three to keep everything out for each season of the year. Once we are done classifying, I show you how to make multiple outfits using what you already own and adding suggestive pieces.

Lastly, we can discuss other helpful tips such storage for shoes, jewelry and other accessories. In the case of this client, I provided her some ideas on helpful storage units she can use to organize her shoes on her own. I never leave without giving my clients a checklist of the basic pieces they need to complete their wardrobe for every season. The best thing I can ever do for my clients is to show them how to make the most out of what they have and help them build from there. Now that Fall is vastly approaching,  my only question is…whose next? 🙂