Bootie vs. Shootie

How well do you know the difference? If you are like me, for a long time I wasn’t aware there was a difference between the “bootie” and the “shootie” when the term was introduced a few years ago. However, once I discovered how they were different it made sense!
So what is the difference you may ask?  Simply put, a shootie is a blend of a boot and a shoe and is shorter than the bootie and hits at the ankle or below. They are a little fashion forward and also usually dressier.
In my opinion, whether it’s the bootie or the shootie, both looks are hot,  hot, hot!  Just ask these celebrities!
Zendaya and Gwen Stefani rock two very different styles of the bootie.
While Olivia Palermo and Zoe Saldana love the shootie!
Which is your favorite?