Push Your Way Through It

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These past two weeks have been long, and have tested my Faith and patience on several levels. With all that being said,  I am still grateful that I  serve an awesome God who is ever present in my time of need. My Head Bishop reminded us today that the moment we decide to live for Christ, hardships were expected. He also related our trials and tribulations to that of child bearing.
When things begin to happen one after another like labor pains that increase, you have to get ready to push. The purpose of pushing is because something is about to come out of you like never before! You have to choose to praise God in the midst of what is or isn’t happening so a greater thing can come forth. As it was further explained, whatever way life throws you,  you have to be like a cat and land on all fours!
Life is going to be filled with challenges and some of them will be inevitable. You have to make up in your mind that regardless the circumstances you will stay faithful and do what you are suppose to do. You were created to praise and worship God. It is when you do just that,  that God will work out everything else on your behalf :). Great Sunday Everyone!