No Need to Wait for 2015

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The time is here where most start to pen their “New Year Resolutions.” Year after year we proclaim things such as going to church more, getting in relationship, finding a better job, going back to school,  stop smoking/drinking and the #1 favorite,  lossing weight! As soon as January 1st hits, we all know the deal! We start off really well and keep it going for about month, then before you know it, the progression has stopped and we are preparing for another “New Year” with a do over.
My challenge to you is to stop waiting until the “New Year” to start the new you. My Bishop wrote on his FB the other day that he was breaking up with his self. Meaning,  he was putting off his old ways so he could reach his goals in life and be at an even greater level in God.
Today in church, the message was from my favorite scripture,
Mathew 7:7:
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
This really had me thinking…
If you need God to do something in your life, this scripture lays it all out for you. God doesn’t say your request must be acted upon during specific days or hours, so why should you? Don’t wait to start a “New Years Resolution.” Let your new beginning be now! Seek the Lord in all you do and be amazed at what He will do.
Happy New Year Everyone!