Bra Check Guide

Since I once worked in a lingerie department and know what a proper fitting should look like,  it pains my eyes to see that there are so many woman still walking around not wearing the right bra size! You would be amazed at the issues that can arise if you are not properly fitted. This includes back problems and even potentially damaging the milk ducts in the breast making it hard to breastfeed.
Here is a cheat sheet diagram below that will help you pay attention to the signs of both an ill fitting and well fitting bra. If you or someone you know is constantly complaing about back problems, straps falling off, wires poking or the girls are just hanging low, do yourself and them a favor and go get fitted! You will be amazed at the difference it would make! Oh and if you looking for a good place to go, I suggest checking out your local Nordstrom, Dilliards or Blythe stores.
Photo courtesy of Family First Chiropractic and Wellness