Spice up Your Accessory Game… with Terrica Woolridge

It has been a while since we have had a guest blogger and this one has been worth the wait! Terrica Woolridge is all about natural health and specializes in wellness and holistic healing. A Native of Richmond, Virginia, Terrica has been practicing natural hair, skin care and eating habits for the last 9 years.
Terrica became all natural because as she puts it, “nothing else in the market worked!” She found that the chemicals in the products she used on her hair and skin were too harsh. In the process, she found that changing her lifestyle made a difference especially in clearing up her severe acne she has had growing up.
Today, Terrica is making a difference in the lives of others by educating about all natural benefits. She is also an Arbonne Consultant, in which she offers natural skin care products. Enjoy the read!
“Anyone that knows me knows that I love accessories. I love to dress up a plain outfit with earrings, bangles, and statement necklaces. My headband game is ridiculous too!… Although these accessories may seem essential, they are actually secondary to my hair, skin, and shoes!!
One way I accentuate my hair is to do a quick Henna treatment. I have done full Henna and Henna Gloss treatments, and though pleased with the results, and have been consistently unhappy with the residue left on my hair. No one wants to feel a sandy substance on their hands after playing in their hair (Hand In Hair Syndrome, anyone?…). I have found a way to remove this problem all together by modifying my Henna process.
It’s simple, quick, and leaves my hair just as beautiful as before, minus the gritty feeling after rinsing. I simply empty a 12 oz. can of coconut milk into a bowl, add Henna powder until I reach the consistency I desire (cake batter), and top if off with 1-2 oz. of my preferred oil. You can choose olive, castor, apricot, a combination… Whatever your hair likes best! After mixing all ingredients together, I simply apply the mixture to my “dirty” hair in small sections.
This process is reminiscent of what I did in the past when I subscribed to the lye/creamy crack/relaxer… It’s basically the same process. I then cover my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Although the color of your hair may change, it is so subtle, and leaves your crown shining a bit of red in the sun. After my hair has had the chance to deep condition, I rinse the Henna out with warm water and conditioner.
I do a final rinse with cool water, wring it dry with oil covered hands, wrap with a t-shirt for drying, and style as usual. My hair is left clean, moisturized, shiny, and grit free. Spice up your accessory game… Give this simple Henna treatment a try!”
Terrica B. of Esoteric Wellness
Note: I purchase my Henna, coconut milk, oil, etc. at:
Laxmi Palace. 3424 Old Parham Rd. Richmond, VA 23294  Ph:804-217-7066
Also, the Karishma Herbal Henna pictured above is cheap and I can get 2 full treatments out of one pack! Winning!!”
If you are interested in checking out products or have questions about all natural benefits, please contact Terrica at: msterrica.arbonne@gmail.com