Gearing up for the Bump!

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As some of you may know,  last Thursday my husband and I announced that we are expecting our 3rd child.  This of course is a very exciting time, but as many mothers know, this can also be a trying time as it causes you to be creative in dressing an ever growing belly! One thing that I can say I have learned from my previous pregnancies, is that it is important that you dress how you want to feel.
Often, especially toward the end of pregnancy, we get to the point that we don’t care about anything, but popping that baby out and getting our bodies back! It is important to know that feeling good throughout your pregnancy takes effort. Just like anything you want in life, you have to work at it and just because you’re  pregnant is no exception.
If you can, I recommend just  going up a size in most items and then investing in a couple of band waisted pants and skirts. Depending on the season,  you could stock up on maxi style dresses that would be able to carry you both through pregnancy and after. Another great investment is getting a belly band that allows you to wear those pants you love a little longer while covering that exposed zipper and everything else that is meant to be kept private!
Another thing to insure comfort is to invest in a few sports and pregnancy bras. They are great not only for the day, but sleeping in too (trust me they go a long way)! When it comes to pregnancy, you will have your good days and your not so good ones.  However,  the most important thing is to make sure you eat right and excerise to help aid in feeling and looking your best everyday!