Late Night Beauty Tips

When I find out something new, I love sharing it with others. Here are few of my latest picks, I hope you find them helpful!
1) Did you know that sleeping on your side and stomach can actually cause “bags” under your eyes?  When you are sleep, it’s been said that fluid runs to and collects in the area. Instead, try sleeping on your back or sleeping with extra pillows to lay your head at an angle.
2) Should you have “bags” or puffiness under the eyes, put 2 spoons in the freezer for a few minutes and glide them under each eye to drain fluid and also reduce puffiness.
3) Dry skin?  Use a humidifier to help draw in moisture while you sleep!
4) Coconut oil has many uses and one of them is moisturizing your lips overnight!
5) Exfoliate your lips by using your toothbrush each night after brushing your teeth.
6) When getting rid of blackheads, mash a tomato and run over affected area and let the juice sit over night. Because of the antiseptic properties in the tomato, they are effective in de-clogging your pores.
For even more fun beauty tips, check out Pinterest!