Stay on the Journey

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As always, we received a great word in church.  Today,  it was from one of our elders and it was about not quitting and going for what God has for you. Also, if we are not careful to use the talents we are given, they can be taken away.
We all have giftings and talents that God has called us to. However,  most of us either don’t know what they are or do  not operate in them fully. Think about what things interest and drive you. From there, think about how you can get to the next level and acheive the ultimate success.
At times when things are not working out,  we feel discouraged and want to give up.  However, it is important to never give up what you believe in and continue to stay motivate.  You have to learn to encourage yourself even when others don’t.  You have to constantly be working on you and increase your faith.
Lastly,  don’t be concerned with anyone else, but you. We all have the same opportunity to become successful. Just learn how to be greater than you were the day before. Stay on your journey and run a good race!
Philippians 3:12-14