How to Shop for the Perfect Bathing Suit

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Just like bra shopping or buying a pair of jeans, finding the right bathing suit can be equally challenging! The key to finding the right look is knowing what to look for. Take a look at these helpful tips as you shop!
Full Bust
The best flattering look for a full bust is by getting a bikini top with support such as under wire and thick straps. If your going for a 1 piece,  wearing a swim suit with a v neck or deep plunge is ideal to avoid the “uni-boob” look. Don’t forget, wearing a darker color on top also helps of you want to minimize.
Full Bottom
When it comes to minimizing the bootie, wearing dark on bottom is definetly a plus.  Other ways to look flattering is by wearing a full bikini bottom. Lastly, if you want a 1 piece bathing suit,  try to find one with a flattering design on top to keep the eyes entertained!
Small Bottom
Thought ruffles bottoms were only cute when you were a baby? Well if you want to add a little definition to your bottom half, ruffles or rouching will provide the illusion! Adding colorful prints and going with a different cut on bottom (not a full brief) also does the trick! 
Small Bust
Again ruffles or fringes is gonna be your best friend! You can also never go wrong with a little padding to help boost up the girls!
Love Handles
Or “side pockets” as I like to call them, can make you a little self conscious, especially right after pregnancy. If you want to show off your new found curves, go retro and try a high waisted bottom that  comes up over the belly button. Another great style is the Tankini which provides coverage of the belly, yet still can be paired with your choice of bikini bottom.
At the end of the day,  the most important thing to remember is their is a swim suit for everyone. Knowing what to look for is only half the battle. Once you are on the right track,  it’s all about deciding which one or ones to get!  Happy shopping ladies!