The Truth About Black

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So those who were at my recent event, “A Stylish Affair” heard me talk a little bit on wearing the color black.  I have always suggested popping a little color in where you can to brighten up your look and to provide some contrast. The “truth about black” is simple…it’s always there.
Black is an easy color to find. It’s become a “if all else fails,” get it in black scenario. The color is also looked at as a comfort color in helping you look more “slimming” as we like to say. For others black can be sexy and inviting. However, with all the ways black can many make you feel, if your not careful it can make you complacent when it comes to your wardrobe.
Since it is an easy go to,  some of us get mentally trapped into having a closet full of black pieces without even realizing it! What you wear is often a representation of your mood. Think about,  when you go to a funeral what color do you often see everyone in from head to toe?  How is the mood?  If you answered the color black and somber,  you are right!
I challenge you  to assess your closet over the next few days and see how many black pieces you own.  From there,  think about pop pieces that you can add to make your outfits stand out. Instead of dressing in a way that may look sad or depressing, dress in a way that will not only brighten up your day,  but make you feel good too!
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