Creating Your Color Story

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This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a day of pampering with my First Lady who is new beauty consultant for Mary Kay. We had a great day of manicures, pedicures, facials and more! I was also able to share a little on finding the right colors or “power colors” to wear that will bring out your best features. I began by sharing about Pantone, a system used to to identify colors and help in predicting the must have colors for the season. It is a popular system that has been around since 1963 and it pulls together designs around the world from textiles, industrial fashion, retailers and more.
patoneI love the predicted colors for the fall with Marsala being the color of the year. However even though I may be able to rock all the earthy and pastel mix of colors, not everyone can. Thus it is important to know what colors will work for you and in the long run, save you time and money! Lets start by asking, are you a spring or winter?  Here’s a guide to help you figure it out.
Your power colors consist of yellow, green teal and blue. Think warm and bright! Stay away from white and black as they may make you look washed out. Those who are a “Spring” generally have light hair in color and have warm tones of golden or red highlights.
Your power colors consists of muddy green, auburn and brown. think Autumn colors! Stay clear of pastel colors along with white and black can make you look pale and tired. Those who are an “Autumn” are dark hair such as brown or black and has red or golden undertones in it.
Your power colors consists of baby blue, lavender and pastels such as periwinkle. Think cool and calm! Stay away from bold or saturated colors that will overpower you. Those who are a “Summer” generally are blonde or light brown, but lack the gold and red undertones leaving hair to look a little dull in color.


Your power colors consists of cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, deep red. Think jewel tone colors! Stay away from earthy colors such as brown and other muted colors that may look boring. Those who are a “Winter” are dark in hair color such as black or deep brown and lacks red or gold undertones giving a cool appearance.
winter-swatch-fanNow, if you really want to get further into it, there are sub categories such as “light,”  “soft muted,” “warm” and more when further discussing the seasons, however I choose to just cover the basics! Just remember, the right colors for you will accentuate your best assets such as your eyes and hair color and should make you feel alive! The wrong colors will wash you out and make you feel drained and possibly make your teeth appear yellow.
Remember, this is just a guide. if you need help figuring out what colors work for you, don’t hesitate to ask! In addition, kids aren’t the only ones able to take advantage of “Back to School” specials. If you need help styling or want an over the phone consultation, I am offering 20% off my personal styling and closet organizing services starting today till September 7th! Hope to see you soon!