Tommy John: The New Age of Men's Underwear 

I recently was contacted by a representative from Tommy John, a vastly growing men’s underwear  company that wanted to know my opinion on things like “what makes a man confident” and if I thought men “coordinated” their underwear like women. After taking a look at the company, I must say I am impressed. Even though I’m not a man, I think everything made is carefully thought out to make sure that every man is represented in the best way possible. 
I am also thankful for the company reaching out to me and wanting to know about my thoughts and I am now sharing them with you! Hopefully You will check the brand out on your own and see what all the talk is about. Oh and did I mention, they are also available at Nordstrom. ?  
 Do you think guys spend as much time picking and coordinating their underwear with their outfit as ladies?
 Unlike women, I don’t think men spend any time trying to match their underwear with their outfits.  I think as long as they can find a clean pair they are good to go!
What should men be wearing this holiday season along with any tips you may have to help guys put their best foot forward? This holiday it’s all about looking good, but being comfortable. Ex. Cord blazer and dark denim and a checkered button down is perfect! It’s easy to wear and great for holiday parties. 
How can a guy make himself look and feel good, especially with all of the different events going on? In regards to looking and feeling good, it all starts with confidence. A guy can have on mix match clothes, but if he’s got personality and he is sure of himself, he will catch the eye of every girl in the room!
 Should you both be coordinating?
 Now if you’re in a relationship, I see nothing wrong with coordinating when attending an event. Coordinating makes for  better pictures and I also believe your other half should always be your best accessory!
Tommy John sells not only underwear, but lounge and leisure wear, regular tees and a variety of socks with prices ranging from $12-$120. What I love is that this site offers options. Whether you are a boxer or brief kind of guy or something in between, Tommy John has got you! Not to mention the premium modal fabric help in making sure what is supposed to be tucked in stays in place and never rides up. 
To order or for more information, please be sure to check out their website: Now till November 30th, the underwear company has a special print in honor of testicular cancer awareness. 
Photos courtesy of Tommy John