Living my Life Like it's Golden

I love the weekends and even more, I love spending it with my family. Whenever I can get away from a stress filled week or just the norm of everyday life by taking a family outing, it brings new meaning to my life. On this particular day, the family and I took a walk around one of the lakes at Innsbrook in attempt to see some ducks (the only two in sight happen to be in the middle of the lake)!
 I really enjoyed the change in scenery and not to mention the traniquility. It was if I didn’t have a care in the world. Yet, shouldn’t it always be that way? Before I left I had the hubby take some picts to capture the moment. You may not be able to see the lake very well, but that outfit tho, it’s golden!  Lol.

Dress Shirt-H&M/Crop Pants-Old Navy/Sandals-Walmart/Earrings-Nordstrom/All Natural Lipstick-Mesmerized Beauty