Night Out

Last night the hubby and I had our first “night out,” since having Josiah. We actually went to celebrate our friends’ evening wedding in Virginia Beach. Of course, I wanted to lose what little was left of my “baby weight,” however chocolate chip cookies and lemonade didn’t help me get very far! Thankfully I had this oldie but goodie dress that worked out perfect!

Just to give y’all a look into my night, it appeared like everything was working out great, until it was time to leave. The baby was sleepy and would not stay sleep. I did get him to take some milk to settle him down before I left however, you know that saying,”nothing lasts forever?” How about nothing last for more than 2 1/2 hours! 
My sister-in-law called twice to let me know that the Josiah had not stopped crying when we had left and would not take his bottle. The dude was hungry and sleepy. She didn’t know what else to do and neither did I so we ended up leaving for home literally after the main course! 
Needless to say just after we returned home, guess who was wide awake and no longer crying??? As if he had been playing us the whole time, he looked at his aunt (after my husband took him from her) and smiled. So much for a night out!


Dress-Suzi Chin/ Clutch &Earrings-Nordstrom/ Pumps-Target/ Hair & Make Up-Me