Pom Pom Craze

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Okay so I know you have seen them, that oversized bunny tail that looks soft and fluffy and apparently the hottest fashion accessory of the Fall season last year. The Pom Pom key chain is now literally EVERYWHERE! I always knew they were out there, but never paid attention as to who had one until it started feeling like dejavu. 
I have seen majority of people wearing the Pom Pom key rings attached to several keys or their pants. Personally, I think they are cute, however I don’t like to see them on the body or on a clump of keys.  I believe it is a great accessory for your handbag for an added boost! When I see people actually wearing them, it just looks out of place. Also, being that I have a daughter that is highly allergic to dust, I can only imagine how much dust a Pom Pom key chain carries!
As for me, I think the concept is great and I would definitely rock the style on my handbag, however anywhere else…nah! Just a suggestion though, if you are looking to rock the Pom Pom key ring and want to attach it to the body or your keys, try a smaller size. Trust me it will look so much better! 

Initial Pictured Pom Pom Key Chain is courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.