Just a Reminder

For “Family and Friends Day,” Bishop gave an awesome message reminding us that power is in the tongue. I received this message and reflected on my life, particularly as it pertained to my business. One has to be careful of what you speak because it liable to come true. In the same token, if you want to be successful, it all begins in your mind and proceeds out your mouth.
When I think about running my own business I get mixed emotions. I have both joy and fear at the same time. The joy comes to mind when I think about the limitless possibilities that can come from a simple thought of me stepping out and doing “my own.” Fear sets in when I begin to execute and things aren’t as easy as I expect them to be, especially when I have to depend on others. 
I have to constantly remind myself that if I wasn’t built for it, God wouldn’t have given me the vision. At the same time, in life you have to fight for what you want and to understand it won’t always be easy. Some of the most successful people in life had to be told “no” and furthermore they had to find the will to keep their dream alive. 
In order for me to go to the next level in my life or much less in my career, I need to make sure my mind is being fed the right things. From there, the things of my heart will then overflow into my reality. I simply need to speak those things as if they were and take action behind it. Be encouraged wherever you are in life today and whatever you do, keep moving forward. 
Supportive Scripture: Prov. 18:20-21