Online & Shopping

Yea, so I was looking online like I regularly do when my eye caught this beauty…a chambray jumpsuit! Over the last couple of years I have found myself doing a lot of shopping online. This is greatly because of two reasons:
1) I can find great deals online
2) It’s way easier to shop when you don’t have four extra bodies with you asking “can we leave yet?”
I will admit that shopping online can have its disadvantages. For example “Final Sale” items may not be returnable, which will cause you to loose money if the fit isn’t right. Also, if the item can be exchanged for another size, the only method to do so would be by mail. Again this is extra money spent to both send back in addition to time because you have to drop them off at the post office!
All in all, I only recommend shopping online when you already know how a brand name runs. You should try finding a like item in store by the same brand to ensure fit. It’s not always 100% proof, but you will be happy you did 9/10!
In this case I am pleased with my purchase. I got my jumpsuit in a medium for my hips, however I do think I could have used a small. I will see if I can shrink it in the body just a tad. If not, I’m ok with it being a relaxed fit especially drawing nearer to this much cooler season!
My toughest decision was to go with the belt or without? What do you think?

Chambray Jumpsuit-Forever21/Shoes-Minnetonka/ Jewelry & Accessories-Nordstrom / Handbag-Francesco Biasia