It's not a Resolution

We made it! It is a brand new year and for many it’s the start of  “New Year Resolutions,” which typically ends in a matter of a few short weeks. I too have goals and expectations for the New Year, however I have learned that waiting till the clock strikes 12 to change a pattern is like showing up to a battle at 1pm when it started at 8 am. In other words, you are late. 
You don’t need a “New Year” to change bad habits or start a business venture. You shouldn’t wait to put anything off because you never know when your last day will be. Whatever work you started in 2016, will hopefully only continue in 2017, but on a bigger and better level. Know that if you are going to achieve the ultimate greatness, you can’t waste time and continually put things off (this includes the laundry that I have had in a basket for 2 1/2 weeks)! 
I pray in this New Year that if you happen to start a “new thing,” that you will keep it going no matter what. That you will be encouraged and not give up no matter what it may look like. Remember your “why” and stay empowered to make it through. Lastly, remember that no battle was ever won without a plan.
Be blessed in this New Year and get ready to receive your better!