Mother & Daughter Gala

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What a time we had at the 3rd Annual Mother & Daughter Gala hosted by Virtuous Women Empowering Ministries by way of Kingdom Love Ministries Church. The event was filled with entertainment that ranged from African dancing, spoken word and a powerful inspirational message from First Lady Staci Fuller. This year theme was “masquerade.” One would think it was about dressing up and wearing your best custom mask awaiting when it was time to reveal who you were. This was sort of the case. 
The wearing of the mask was optional, however the powerful message behind wearing the mask  was one that all could relate to. It was about how we all go through life at some point wearing a mask to shield something in which we don’t want others to see because of fear of what others may say.  Some may come in the form of  unforgiveness, giving into peer pressure or even dealing with depression as First Lady Fuller shared of her own experience. This time was about revealing what was under the mask and admitting what your faults or needs were and recognizing the need for help.  
Not just getting professional help, but spiritual help from our Lord and Savior. The message was not for just our older women, but our younger too who allow things like the media to shape them into the opposite of what God have called them to be. We learned self love and to honor one another as women and those up and coming. Overall it was a great time shared with family, friends and a new found sisterhood. 

A red carpet affair. ?

My cousins left to right, Kyesha  and Kim and my daughter and I. Kyesha helped to organize the event through with her church. 

My muffins. 

Striking a pose. 

Keepsakes from the night. 

Spoken word. 

Cherise and her daughter Zoe (also the one who styled mine and my daughter’s hair. Check her out at Ronncutts barber shop downtown on Broad street).

    Mothers and daughter’s cutting it up on the dance floor. 

    A party ain’t a party without the cupid shuffle!

    African performance by Culture4mykids
    They were awesome!

    The theater was filled with beautiful woman young and old. 

    My daughter and I performing “our dance” lol. 

    Charquita (one of my agents from work) and I. So happy she was able to attend with her mom!
    First Lady Fuller ministering. 
    This was a night that was well received. I hope you will join us next year for another great time of giving honor to our mothers and daughters! Stay tuned tomorrow for a post of who I was wearing. ?