The Nakedness of S.T.Y.L.E Continued

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True Style is:
Y– You
You says “I treat myself with respect. I watch what I put in my body. It is a temple that should be valued. I watch who I connect myself to.” You are royalty. Everything and everyone doesn’t deserve to be in your personal space. 
It is difficult for you to embrace your nakedness if you are tied to individuals and things that bring chaos, drama, and confusion into your life. You deserve peace in every area. Peace can’t reside in unnecessary foolishness. It is okay to choose you. You are everything.

says “ I will continue to improve. I realize that I am not perfect. I will make mistakes but I will learn from them. I am forgiven so I forgive myself.” Many times, we can’t handle our nakedness because of shame and guilt. 
We have allowed the mistakes of our past to control our present which affects our future. Our true nakedness reveals blemishes and scars. Scars hurt but scars tell stories. Everything is purposeful. Focus on progress and not perfection. 
Move forward knowing that what happened did happen but you are stronger and wiser. You are still here. Nothing can stop you!
Excellence says “ I will do my best at all times. My best doesn’t look like anyone else’s “best”. Perfection doesn’t exist so I will not strive for it. What I will do is live my life to honor God, my family, and future generations.”
 Be a trailblazer. Leave your mark by operating in boldness, power, and humility. Focus on leaving a legacy of integrity, honor, and perseverance. This sets you apart. You were born to lead!
This, my friends, is true style and it can be reached through nakedness. Nakedness is the key to absolute freedom. Strip yourself! You have too much on!”
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