Proverbs 31…a Deeper Meaning

Today’s message while at a church I visited today was about the Proverbs 31 woman; however, the teaching about the scripture for me was a little different. I’m sure most have heard or read it for themselves as a standard of what a good woman, mother and wife is suppose to be. Yet the way I heard the scripture broken out and applied to my everyday life spoke volumes. 
Here are a few key points: 
I was taught that the Proverbs 31 woman has integrity and can be trusted. Regardless of what is going on, she continues with her day and doesn’t allow it to take away from the business she conducts. She is everything to her husband and he will not have a need to look for anything elsewhere. She seeks the things that will contribute to her household and “cuts out the middle man” by learning to do things herself. 
The virtuous woman makes sure she has the best food for her family. This does not mean what is easily cooked such a “microwaveable” dinner, but she stretches herself to provide food that is healthy and nutritious. She also awakens early before the sun comes up and gets her family going in their day. She will often pray between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 am where we are the most vulnerable by the enemy and alert her family from being attacked. 
Additionally, the virtuous woman “considers the field and she buys it.” She doesn’t rent, but she buys. When you become someone who buys land or a house and it is yours, you put equity into it and rent it out for a return/profit. When you have figured out the “system,” you will have prosperity. Once you have profited you also must be a giver and remember to bless others. 
Finally, another thing I enjoyed about service today was the breakdown of our time. Everyone is given 24 hours in a day. Once you peel back the hours of how much time you have in a week, a month or even in a year of the necessary and unnecessary, the question becomes how much time have you given to the Lord? My favorite quote of today’s message, “If you do not have good things going in you, the cares of the world will overtake you” (Pastor Jay Patrick). Make the time to invest the time in God so you can receive all that God has meant for you to have. #workinprogress #fed ?