Turban Hair Towel Review

Sooo where has this been my whole life???? I looove my new microfiber turban hair towel wrap! I have heard about using an old T-shirt to dry your hair so that it doesn’t get snagged by a regular bath towel, but I don’t recall hearing about this! I stumbled upon it while shopping on one of my favorite sites, Hollar for only $4. Before I ordered, I checked out the reviews and was amused on how it worked on all hair types including my 4C natural hair.

Once I got my turban towel wrap, I found it it very simple and easy to use. Since the shrinkage is real, I worked my fingers around and in the middle of my head to make sure I got the best results possible. I had it on for just under 10 min. and was impressed how much water was absorbed and how my hair had been dried, yet still carried moisture.

I would say the best part hands down is how easy and simple it is to use and the little button to hold it in place is perfect! I also like that I can use it on my daughter’s hair too, who happens to find it very stylish! What have you used that has been the most effective to dry your hair?
Pre wash your hair turban towel to avoid little pieces of fuz getting in you hair when using it for the first time. 😉