Untitled II 

So I ordered this top from H&M the other day thinking I needed a new white shirt with a little detailing. As I have mentioned previously, I believe that depending on placement and size, ruffles can make me look childlike. I often hear “wow, I didn’t know you were that old” and assume I’m a lot younger based off my looks (thanks ??). Yet, I don’t want to wear anything that will make me look like I’m 12. 
When looking at this shirt online I wondered how the ruffles would look on once I received it. I wasn’t sure if the ruffles had some structure or would lay flat. However, when I received and tried the shirt on I was impressed! I also knew just what to pair it with!
The ruffles are just the right volume for placement and I love how I can dress what is a essentially a basic tee up! I would say this was definitely a good buy. How do you feel about ruffles?
Top & Skirt-H&M/Pumps-Nine West/Necklace-Ethnic Couture/Watch-Burberry