WEST47th Then and Now

It has been 2 years since we have touched base on the WEST47th brand and since then, Founder and CEO, Leslie Marie has been busy! Through challenges and changes, she has remained focused and determined to see her dreams carried out. Leslie is not only a smart and savvy business woman, but a powerhouse setting the benchmark step by step in the beauty and fashion industry. Take a quick read of our Q&A and find out the latest happenings on the brand!
What’s the latest with the brand?
“The last we spoke I was building out a mobile fashion destination for WEST47th, however, that didn’t come to fruition. The truck ended up having MAJOR issues that wouldn’t have been worth continuing, so I had to pretty much pivot. I started the brand online and we’re gearing up for a tour (minus the truck) next year. I’m super excited about it. When I started out in business about 7 years ago now, I had a brand called The Doll House and I created body products. I did a lot of traveling with that brand vending at tradeshows and it was a wonderful way to create brand awareness. This was before the natural beauty craze. I was well ahead of my time with some of the ideas I had and things I wanted to do that I would share with my friends and family. If I had known then what would happen in the beauty industry I never would have stopped and trusted my process. WEST47th pretty much is a continuation of what I started. It was always in the plan to start with skincare and add fashion, home decor, gifts, etc. WEST47th is doing just that.”
Who you are appealing to?
“We appeal to the woman on the go. As women, we hold so many titles and expectations, so we are super busy while trying to care for ourselves as well. WEST47th is that stop during the day that provides inspiration and pieces that complement the beauty women already possess. You may find the perfect skirt that pops with a blouse you couldn’t find anything to wear with, or a body scrub that has an aroma that reminds you of your favorite travel destination. The WEST47th woman doesn’t play by the rules. She’s in her own lane, dancing to the beat of her own drum.”
You made a coffee scrub. Do you offer other products?
“Yes! Right now, I have an activate charcoal scrub that is super yummy, but gradually adding all my original products. I’ve had so many people asking me to bring back my soaps and creams, so it’s time.”
Who inspires your style and how is it incorporated into the brand?
“My style is inspired by my mood and how something makes me feel. I enjoy experiences over things, so my goal is to differentiate WEST47th from other brands by the way we make people feel. I’m taking steps to incorporate signature touches from the initial interaction with us to the time your item arrives at the door. I want my style to be defined as a feeling vs a look. This is taking time to get just right, but oh, once I figure it out…it’s going to be amazing!!!”
To find out more about West47th, be sure to follow Leslie on Facebook and Instagram @west47th and shop her collection on www.west47th.com
Photo courtesy of Leslie Marie