Get Liberated!

Since being apart of Liberation Church for a month now, my family and I have truly been blessed! We recently shared a Facebook live video (an assignment given by their youth leader) about why they like the youth ministry. I was able to share as much as I could with a fussy toddler who when once his raisins were done, he no longer wanted to sit still! ?
I just wanted to add that finding a new church home doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do. You have to be able to identify if whether or not that church you are looking to join represents where you are trying to go. Also, when you choose to connect with a church, know that you are choosing to connect with that leader and everything he/she stands for.
Every Sunday when we were just visiting, we would see a consistency of love shown from the moment we walked in until the moment we left. During my first few visits, I stayed with the children in the youth ministry and that’s were we experienced so much kindness that my children began to speak about how much they liked being there. We also got to see the serving of change in the community when we witness Liberation handing out free groceries and clothing to the community.
When it comes to walking in Christ, it’s simple. You love people, show kindness and you serve change and that’s what Liberation is all about. Join us every Sunday at 5200 Midlothian turnpike at 11:00 am and get Liberated!
Oh yeah, of course I had to sneak in a few poses in my Sunday best! ?
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