“Lippies” by Gokabean

Guess who just debut their new business selling lip balms??? Why me of course! I’m so excited and I am loving the responses and support from everyone! This started as a little give away to my guests at my recent “A Stylish Affair” event in July, then it turned into the planning of how I could turn it into a business.
From the start it was very important to me to not only make my lip balms affordable, but something that people could actually use. I like to use organic products like coconut oil which is one of the best when moisturizing the skin. Let’s face it, at the end of the day who wants to walk around with dry and cracked lips tho????
It doesn’t stop there! I just can’t wait to share all that God has inspired me to do and eventually building a brand that you will know and love! In the meantime, please check out on my yummy smelling lip balms and sugar scrub below. To place an order contact me by way of FB messenger under Gokabean or email at Gokabean@gmail.com. Payments are done through Paypal and cash app until the website is up and running. Thank you so much! ?

Note: Colors appear a shade lighter than pictured and all provide just a tint to the lips. ?