Texan Loaded Sweet Potato

Yummyyyy is all I can say! So someone I know posted recently on instagram a loaded baked sweet potato recipe that they had found on Pinterest and made their own. It consisted of black beans, corn, cilantro and a couple of other ingredients, some that I don’t eat. Because I love sweet potatoes though, I decided to create a personalized one putting my own signature on it! ?
1 sweet potato
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans (I actually used a bag and boiled my own)
1tsp of parsley flakes
1 dash of onion powder
1 dash of season all
1 dash of garlic powder
1 dash of cayenne pepper (optional, just adds a little kick to the sweetness)
10 strips of tortilla topping
1 Tbsp of ranch dressing
Step 1: Mix cooked corn and beans together (about 1 Tbsp of each) along with all dry ingredients
Step 2: Cut baked sweet potato in half
Step 3: Fill baked potato with mixture
Step 4: Garnish the top with tortilla strips and ranch dressing
Step 5: Enjoy!
Please let me know how you enjoyed this tasty meal. I had it for lunch and was amazing! It’s quick, easy and healthy…need I say more? ?