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A couple of years ago I did a blog post called Allergic to my Own Sweat. It was about how when working out I would literally start itching uncontrollably all over my my legs and sometimes other parts of my body when I began to sweat. I believe (yes I self diagnosed lol), my condition is called Exercise-induced Anaphylaxis or Exercise-induced Urticaria. Even though that is still something I deal with, I am happy to report it’s not something I deal with on a regular basis. Today, I push myself to the next level in my workouts all the while making sure I have my set up, which includes: a fan, a bottle of cold water and less clothing ?.
Most of my workouts have come from using a Beach Body workout program. I was introduced by someone I used to work with from my Nordstrom days whose weight loss journey is truly amazing! She was so dedicated to fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that she has become a well respected Beach Body Coach. I have been apart of many of her challenge groups over the last couple of years and the inspiration and accountability have been my personal drive factor.
With each new challenge I switch up my workouts usually doing 21 Day Fix, Cize or Insanity. There are a ton of workouts to choose from and all with different levels which is awesome! I really can’t complain about being bored. At the end of the day though, I just want to be healthy and loose a couple of pounds of course (just these love handles)!
When it comes to weight loss, I have learned it’s not an over night process, especially when your breaking certain eating habits. I say don’t look at “how long” it takes you, but focus on sticking to the journey itself…even if you fall off. Just get up and continue where you left off until you get to a place that it becomes apart of your lifestyle!
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