MIELLE Organics Review

At the end of November (Black Friday to be exact), I decided to order Mielle Organics hair care products after they were recommended by a friend (shout outs to Ashley Dominique) who gave me the scoop! All the products online were 60% off as an early bird special, but because your girl here is so indecisive, I waited a day or two before ordering and got 40% off instead (sheesh).

In conjunction to waiting, I didn’t receive my products until nearly a month later. On the flip side, when I finally got my order I felt it might have been worth the wait. I was very impressed with the packaging details, from the short bio about the founder to the bold colors and how excited it made me feel! My order consisted of the pomegranate & honey shampoo, conditioner and the leave in conditioner that was supposed to be great for C4 hair.

After smelling each of my products, naturally I was excited to try them out! Unfortunately, I had just washed my hair the day before so it was going to be at least another week before I went through another “wash day” lol. However, when it was time to put it to the test, I quickly noticed how silky and smooth my hair was. It also lathered well and I felt like it really cleansed my hair, getting all the dirt out.

After applying the conditioner and leaving it in for about 15 min. (as instructed), I was surprised at how even softer my hair had become. I was able to finger detangle my hair with great ease and after combing my hair out, there was not much hair that had come out (with previous other products I have seen twice as much as pictured above).

Once combed and looking like Ronald McDonald, it was time to apply the leave in conditioner. I didn’t think about getting MIELLE Organics twisting cream, which Ashley suggested that I try after I told her about my purchase. Since I still had some of my Camille Rose twisting cream, I went with that and the two combined smelled crazy good!!!

After keeping my hair in 2 strand twists for 48 hours, this is what I got! My hair was still soft and almost cotton like and still smelled good. Now I’m not sure if it’s my twisting method or the twisting cream that I used (this was the first one that I have bought), but I feel like I have more “fro like” hair than even parts of a twist out. Also, I’m like where is my lustrous shine???

Since being natural nearly 7 years, I have never really been committed to one particular hair product (outside of some Sulfur8 because yes, my scalp be dry y’all)! I have been saying it for a while about how I want to find a hair product that I can be committed to and give me healthy tail bone hair! Over the last couple of months I have liked using the MIELLE Organics products I have purchased and my kids love them too! I will try out the twisting cream and see if it provides the definition I’m looking for and shine. Stay tuned y’all!


This just in! Walgreens has a buy 1 get 1 at 50% off sale and Cvs as 30% off of all Mielle Organics products!!!